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Lead-acid Battery Reconditioning Frequently Asked Questions

     At present, the electric car battery has become a lot of friends concerned about the topic, because the electric car battery knowledge not only can help them more use of electric cars, but also for the repair and maintenance of electric car batteries play a very good role in guiding, the current use of electric car batteries are mainly divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries of two major types, many friends feel that the electric car battery is broken, deformed, charging can not go into the power! In addition to replacing the electric car battery has no other way, in fact, this is not true, because the electric car battery are chemical reaction, so regular battery repair for electric car battery maintenance is very good, but for the general general user for simple battery repair problems or need to pay attention to some of the following we look at the issue of lead-acid battery repair, the following is for reference only.

    1, there is a simple way to test the depth of sulfidation of electric car batteries?

    A: 1, with 40A charging for 3 minutes if the voltage exceeds 15V, indicating the presence of sulfurization, if less than 15V indicates that the battery is good.

    2, the simplest way:

    charging, end voltage rise fast, peak high, single battery at 2.9V or so, discharge, end voltage drop fast, end of charging, electrolyte density is lower than the normal value, and a long time to show backwardness, normal discharge, plate sulfidation of the battery than the other battery capacity is significantly lower. Charging battery gas decomposition early, intense bubbling, high pool temperature, the positive plate is light brown, negative plate is grayish-white, the surface has coarse particles of lead sulfate crystals.

    3、How to deal with the electric car battery without any marking?

    A: Check the volume, according to the electrolyte and voltage control, three charging and two discharging test capacity of the electric car battery.

    I hope that more friends who use electric car batteries, can be summarized through these questions for your electric car battery maintenance and battery reconditioning have gained just as well, but also hope that you can better maintain your electric car.

    4、Does the battery repair process need to open the battery?

    A: No.

    5、How is the process of battery reconditioning?

    A: First of all, the initial test of the battery, and then for the actual condition of the battery plus hanging protection system products to maintain the battery, the development of inspection plans, testing and regular inspection of the battery condition.

    6、How big is the impact of sulfation on electric car battery?

    A: Sulfuration of the battery polarization, charging acceptance is poor, the effectiveness of the active substance is poor, the discharge terminal voltage drops quickly, the rated capacity is low. When charging, the voltage rises faster, the electrolyte density does not reach the specified value, excessive gas decomposition, high pool temperature. In the chemical reaction, the contact area of molecules is small, and the reaction energy is small.


    7, how to determine the electric car battery has been repaired?

    A: Through the use of electric bar or battery repair instrument for a period of time, through the detection of the battery, the electric car battery capacity to reach the rated capacity of 85% or more can be determined that the electric car battery has been repaired.

    8, maintenance-free electric car battery still need this kind of maintenance?

    A: Need. Maintenance-free batteries are more prone to sulfurization, the new battery protector, in addition to the sulfur effect is better, but because of the maintenance-free battery electrolyte will dry up, life can not be like an open-type lead-acid battery repair can be extended too much.

    9, electric car battery life depends on the extent of sulfation?

    A: 80% of the battery life of the electric car battery due to sulfation and the end of the battery life.

    10, battery repair to 100% or more to do what explanation?

    A: It is common for electric car batteries to reach more than 100% in the case of greater than 10 times the rate of discharge.

    11、How big is the starting current of car battery?

    A: 3-4 times the rated capacity.