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Data Center

Solition Data Center / Data Sheet 

Li-Ion Energy Storage System for Data Centers

Tough demands outside, smart solutions inside. 

Our new Solition Data Center energy storage system boasts intelligent  features, which culminate in safety and reliability, longevity, space  savings and easy-to-manage maintenance. 

Based on Li-ion battery technology, the system supports the mix of new  and used batteries and includes a three-level battery management system (BMS). These qualities ensure an intelligent battery system  that will reduce the total cost of ownership, in particular maintenance  expenses.

What’s more, its high cycle stability mirrors emerging market trends,  such as the increase in decentralized energy solutions. 

Ultimately, Solition Data Center’s outstanding performance, in all types  of grid conditions, as well as the clever features, makes it the perfect  partner not only for data centers, but for UPS, telecom and utility  applications as well.

Features and benefits


  • Longevity - cycle lifetime up to  5,000 times 

  •  Stability - Made with safest  LiFePO4 (LFP) cell chemistry -  highly stable, no thermal runaway

  • All-encompassing - Three-level  BMS system ensures dependability

  • Safety - Integrated fire extinguishing system on battery module  level - precise & quick fire control,  non-proliferation


  • Flexibility - Active current balance  control supports new and used battery  cabinet combinations 

  •  Intelligence - Active voltage balance  control allows for battery strings of  different numbers to be connected  in parallel with each-other 

  • Cost-effective - Automatic grouping  and capacity checks cut manual  capacity test costs and avoid  power failure risks


  • 70% less footprint - high power  density means a significant  space saving 

  • 80% less operating and maintenance (O&M) costs thanks to  its smart BMS

Management System

Reliability based on three levels

A three-level BMS structure delivers  both excellent performance and  protection of the entire battery  system. Each battery module has a  built-in BMS, which allows it to  communicate with the Battery  Control Unit (BCU) for  each specific cabinet.

Users can find every parameter and history file – all accessed from a built-in LCD screen  or with an internet browser on  a TCP IP connection.

A flexible managing system between the  UPS and the BCU allows the Solition Data  Center battery to work in two modes: • An autonomous mode (stand-alone) –  This emulates the behaviour of VRLA  batteries with dry contacts communication 

A connected mode – This links to the UPS  by a MODBUS RS485 or MOBDUS over  TCP connection

Third level (UPS):

  • Management of BCU, communication with UPS or  network management, providing interface ports 

  • Alarm management and report analysis

  •  SoC and SoH management

Second-level BCU system:

  • Battery management 

  • Charge and discharge current detection

  • Alarm & protection of abnormal work 

  • Current balance control between cabinets

First-level BMS:

  • Voltage and temperature detection

  • Battery current balance management