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Motive Battery

A better choice for motive power

solutions - LiFePO4 batteries

They are particularly suited for the use with LiFePO4 batteries.

Extended lifespan

By helping to extend battery lifespans, investors will see improved revenues and returns.

High energy density

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, light weight and long cycle life.

All-round protection

With highly thermal and chemical stability, the intelligent batteries have the functions of over-charge, over-current, short-circuit and temperature protection of every battery.

Good reasons to choose ROYPOW’s motive power solutions

Cost effective

> Longer lifespan (up to 10 years design life), reducing overall battery investment.

> Up to 70% savings over 5 years.

> No daily maintenance, saving man-hours and working.

> Less weight enables a reduced bill on transportation.

> No energy consumption for the advanced LiFePO4 batteries.

High efficiency

> Easy installation. “Plug and use” in operations.

>Fast charging. Can be charged during short breaks, such as taking a rest or changing shifts.

>High performance power and battery voltage throughout the full charge.

>Less downtime & improved productivity.


> No emission during charging.

> No watering, no acid and no corrosions.

> Green energy is better for you and the environment.


> Intelligent BMS automatically prevents over discharge, charge, voltage and temperature, etc.

> More thermal and chemical stability.

> Safe and reliable with FC, CCE, RoHS, NPS certification granted.