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After-sales policy

Quality Assurance

  ■ Where our company sold batteries, in the contract within the guarantee period, due to defective quality of the battery itself and the failure caused by the defects, we will be responsible for the repair or replacement.

  ■ User complaints about the quality of our products, we put forward within half a working day to deal with the views, such as the situation requires, we will be sent within three days to arrive at the present processing.

  ■ We sold the product quality is responsible for lifelong maintenance services, the user to provide permanent technical support!

  Service Commitment

  ■ Delivery contract signed the next day, spot 3 to 7 days; futures 30 days, the shortest 15-20 days, 10 days for special circumstances.

  ■ Our company can send staff to collaborate or supervise the user to carry out battery installation works (including commissioning)

  ■ Our company is responsible for providing technical support to the user, depending on the specific circumstances, the two sides can send each other to teach or award training, the supply side is responsible for the power supply maintenance managers, explaining the rules for the use of batteries, general troubleshooting.

  Battery recycling

  ■ Where the company's production and sales of storage battery products, the fulfillment of the extended producer responsibility system, in the use of waste batteries generated in the process are recycled through sales channels.

  ■ Waste lead-acid batteries are hazardous waste, hazardous waste disposal in strict accordance with relevant national environmental regulations and policies. Please do not treat them as household garbage!