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Battery valves regulate lead-acid batteries: provide long-lasting power for electric bicycles

With the popularity of the concept of green travel, electric bicycles are more and more popular because of their convenient and environmentally friendly characteristics. As the core component of electric bicycles, the Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery plays a vital role. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the application, performance characteristics and maintenance precautions of VRLA batteries in the field of electric bicycles.


a, VRLA battery application in the electric bicycle

electric bicycle using VRLA battery as a power source, mainly thanks to the stability of the VRLA battery performance and longer service life. The VRLA battery provides sufficient power for the electric bike, allowing the rider to enjoy a smooth riding experience. At the same time, the VRLA battery has a high safety performance, reducing the risk of battery failure caused by electric bicycles in the process of driving.

second, the performance characteristics of VRLA battery

& have spent       1. High capacity retention rate: VRLA battery in the charge and discharge process, the capacity retention rate is high, to ensure the stability and reliability of the battery.

        2. Long life: VRLA battery has a long service life, up to 3-5 years under normal use conditions, reducing the frequency of battery replacement.

        3. Good safety performance: VRLA battery adopts valve control design, which can effectively prevent electrolyte leakage and high internal pressure of the battery, improving the safety performance of the battery.

        4. Voltage stability: The voltage of VRLA battery is stable at 12V, providing stable power output for electric bicycles.

        5. Wide range of application: VRLA batteries are suitable for a variety of environments and working conditions, including high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc.

third, VRLA battery maintenance note

& have spent       1. Charging environment: Please place VRLA batteries in a well-ventilated and dry environment for charging.

        2. Charging time: Avoid charging for a long time, it is recommended to unplug the power in time after the battery is full.

        3. Charging temperature: The charging temperature range of VRLA battery is 0-45℃. Too high or too low a temperature can affect battery performance.

        4. Discharge depth: To avoid excessive discharge of the battery, it is recommended to charge when the remaining battery power is not less than 20%.

        5. Regular inspection: Regularly check the appearance, connection lines and valves of VRLA batteries to ensure that the batteries are in good condition.

In short, valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries (VRLA) are ideal for electric bicycles due to their stable performance, long service life and safety features. With the continuous expansion of the electric bicycle market, VRLA batteries will be more widely used in it. Riders should properly use and maintain VRLA batteries to ensure the good performance of electric bicycles and enjoy the convenience and pleasure of green travel.