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AGM valve-controlled batteries: Guardians of efficient energy storage

AGM valve-controlled battery, full name of suction glass fiber diaphragm valve-controlled seal battery, is a battery manufactured by a special process. It completely innovates the traditional open-type battery, has superior performance and reliability, and is widely used in ups uninterruptible power supply, emergency lighting, power communication, electric vehicles and other fields. In this paper, the structure, working principle, performance characteristics and application fields of AGM valve-controlled battery will be introduced in detail.


a, tectonic

AGM valve-controlled battery is mainly composed of positive plate and negative plate, diaphragm, electrolyte, cap and valve control system and other parts. Among them, the positive and negative plates are made of lead-calcium alloy material, which has better charge-discharge performance and corrosion resistance. The partition is made of glass fiber material, which has high strength and good electrical properties. The electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution, which plays the role of conduction and energy storage. The sealing cap and valve control system are key parts to ensure the safe operation of the battery.

second, the working principle of the

AGM valve-controlled battery working principle is based on lead-acid battery charging and discharging process. In the charging process, the positive plate absorbs lead sulfate, the negative plate absorbs lead sulfate, and the sulfuric acid concentration in the electrolyte gradually increases. During the discharge process, the lead sulfate on the positive plate and the negative plate is converted into sulfuric acid, and the sulfuric acid concentration in the electrolyte is gradually reduced. The AGM valve-controlled battery automatically adjusts the evaporation and gas emission of the electrolyte through the valve-controlled system to ensure that the battery maintains constant voltage and constant current during charging and discharging, thus achieving efficient and stable power output.

3. Performance Characteristics

1. High energy density: The AGM valve-controlled battery has a high energy density, and the same volume and mass of the battery can store more electrical energy, thereby reducing the size and weight of the system.

2. Long life: AGM valve-controlled battery is manufactured by special process and has a long service life. Under normal conditions of use, the battery life can reach more than 5 years.

3. High reliability: AGM valve-controlled battery has excellent charge and discharge performance and voltage stability to ensure the reliability of equipment operation.

4. Good safety performance: AGM valve-controlled battery adopts valve-controlled system, which effectively prevents battery overcharge and overdischarge, and reduces the risk of battery explosion and fire.

5. Environmental protection: AGM valve-controlled batteries are made of lead-acid material, which can be recycled. At the same time, the battery produces less exhaust gas during use and is friendly to the environment.

Four, application field

AGM valve-controlled battery with its superior performance, is widely used in the following fields:

1. UPS uninterruptible power supply: provides reliable power guarantee for critical loads, to ensure that the equipment can operate normally when the power is interrupted.

2. Emergency lighting: Provide timely and stable lighting power for public places.

3. Power communication: To provide stable and reliable DC power supply for power systems and communication equipment.

4. Electric vehicles: as the power supply of electric vehicles, to meet the driving needs of vehicles.

5. Solar power generation system: provides energy storage equipment for solar photovoltaic power generation system to improve the power generation efficiency of the system.

In short, AGM valve-controlled batteries play an important role in various fields with their unique construction, working principle and performance characteristics. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that the application range of AGM valve-controlled batteries will be more extensive and contribute to the progress of human society.