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Can the UPS power battery still work normally and restart?
The widely known UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system relies mainly on the built-in UPS battery to store energy, which is a backup power supply for emergency situations. However, in practical applications, some UPS cannot start normally when the mains power is cut off, which is usually caused by user error. In such cases, it is recommended that users first cut off the mains supply, and then check whether the UPS can operate normally.


The core of the UPS system is its AC power supply unit and battery pack. Usually, UPS can provide power support for key equipment through rectification and filtering, in the absence of mains power. However, if the storage device is exhausted and the AC power is not connected in time, the UPS will not be able to play its due function.

U PS the possible cause of the failure of the launch include:

1. The battery or inverter is faulty. Check the battery voltage to determine whether the battery is undercharged, and troubleshoot the charging circuit.

2. The battery voltage is insufficient and does not recover even after a long period of charging. The input and output voltage of the charging circuit should be checked to eliminate problems with the battery or charging circuit.

3. The internal fuse is damaged. Check the mains input and battery fuses to determine whether the protection mechanism is triggered because the battery voltage cannot be self-detected.

to UPS cannot be started measures:

1. The new UPS cannot start: First check whether the battery connection is secure and ensure that all connections are correct.

2. The UPS that has been used for more than two years fails to start: The battery may be aging. Check the battery capacity and replace the battery as required.

3. If the battery voltage is normal but the UPS still fails to start, check whether the batteries are securely connected and whether oxidation occurs, and rectify the connection points.

should be paid attention to when using the UPS:

1. Do not connect the mains power to the output power of the inverter to avoid damage to the device due to pressure difference or inconsistent phase sequence.

2. Ensure that the load device does not power off before switching it on or off.

in conclusion, is the role of UPS battery dc converted into alternating current for use. Maintaining and maintaining UPS batteries is essential to ensure that they work properly at critical times.