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Why should you consider using lithium iron phosphate batteries for base stations?

telecom base station (TBS) depends on the reliable and stable power supply.

Therefore, Base station by adopting a new technology of lithium battery best - especially the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO   4 ) batteries.


base station using phosphoric acid iron the advantages of lithium battery:


LiFePO 4 The energy utilization efficiency of the battery can reach 95%, while the data of the lead-acid battery is between 80% and 85%. The LiFePO 4 battery's fast charging capability and high capacity are also noteworthy. The battery still performs well at high temperatures.

deeper depth of discharge (DOD)

LiFePO 4 battery discharge depth can reach 90% or higher, The discharge depth of lead-acid batteries is usually about 50%. In practice, this means that LiFePO 4 batteries can have longer intervals between charges and last longer.

a longer service life of the

in terms of charge-discharge cycles, lead-acid batteries probably between 200 and 1000, The LiFePO 4 battery can reach 1,000 to 3,000 times, which has a clear advantage in service life.

more portable, easy to install

REVOV LiFePO 4 is designed for electric vehicle batteries, Therefore, it is compact, lightweight and suitable for wall-mounted installation.

more secure, low maintenance cost

and contains toxic acid lead-acid battery is different, LiFePO 4 batteries do not contain such substances and do not require any maintenance or added liquids.