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Application of acid in lead-acid batteries
Lead-acid batteries are a widely used power technology, favored for their reliability, low cost, and high energy density. However, the cycle life and environmental friendliness of such batteries have been the focus of concern. This article will explore the key role of acids in lead-acid batteries and how sustainable energy solutions can be achieved through this technology.


the working principle of lead-acid battery

lead-acid battery is a kind of chemical power source, is mainly composed of positive plate and negative plate, electrolyte composition and battery shell. During the charging process, the positive plate absorbs oxygen and water to produce lead sulfate; The negative plate absorbs sulfur and produces lead sulfate. When discharged, lead sulfate reacts between positive and negative plates to release electrical energy. This process is repeated over and over again, allowing the battery to be recycled.

the importance of acid

acid plays an important role in lead-acid batteries. Electrolyte is a key component of the battery, which determines the performance and life of the battery. Traditional lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid as electrolyte, sulfuric acid has good conductivity and REDOX properties, can effectively promote the electrode reaction.

However, the corrosive and toxic nature of sulfuric acid limits the range of applications of lead-acid batteries. To solve this problem, the researchers began looking for new electrolytes to improve the battery's performance and environmental friendliness. In this process, acidic substances have become an important research direction.

acid application in lead-acid battery

  1. to improve the conductivity of electrolyte

acid can improve the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte, thus improve the efficiency of the battery charge and discharge. By adding a certain proportion of acidic substances, the resistance of the electrolyte can be reduced, making the charge transfer between the positive and negative plates more smooth.

  1. to increase the circulation of the battery life

acid can reduce the battery self-discharge rate, extend the cycle life of battery. Self-discharge refers to the phenomenon that the power of the battery is gradually reduced when it is not used. Adding acidic substances can slow down the self-discharge rate, so that the battery can maintain high performance during storage and use.

  1. to improve the safety performance of the battery

acid can reduce the internal pressure of batteries, improve the safety performance of the battery. During the charging and discharging process of lead-acid batteries, the production and accumulation of gas will cause the internal pressure of the battery to rise, thereby increasing the risk of battery explosion. Acidic substances can effectively absorb and disperse the gas, reduce the internal pressure of the battery, and improve the safety of the battery.

  1. to improve battery environment friendly

acid can reduce the corrosion of battery, improve the environmental friendliness of the battery. Traditional lead-acid batteries cause serious pollution to the environment in the process of production and recycling. Acidic substances can reduce the corrosion of the battery to metal materials, reduce the waste emissions in the battery production process, and is conducive to environmental protection.


The application of acidic substances in lead-acid batteries is of great significance. It can not only improve the performance and life of the battery, but also reduce the production cost and environmental pollution of the battery. With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the application of acidic substances in lead-acid batteries will be more extensive. In the future development, lead-acid batteries are expected to become a sustainable energy solution and contribute to the sustainable development of human society.