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How much does a 12V lithium battery cost?

12v lithium battery, is a lithium battery pack with 3 or 4 lithium batteries connected in series, the capacity of the battery is determined by the capacity of the single cell and the number of cells connected in parallel, is a safe and environmentally friendly new rechargeable batteries.12v lithium batteries are divided into 12v lithium-ion batteries, 12v lithium iron phosphate batteries, 12v cylindrical lithium batteries, 12v lithium polymer batteries, according to the different materials and encapsulation. .

Outline of 12V lithium iron phosphate battery

    12V lithium iron phosphate battery is a battery pack composed of four lithium iron phosphate cells connected in series. Lithium iron phosphate cell is a lithium battery with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material, the nominal voltage is 3.2V, the maximum voltage of single charging is less than 3.9V, the minimum voltage of discharge is more than 2.0V.

12V lithium battery price

12V lithium battery price is mainly composed of three major components of the battery cell, protective plate, shell, and at the same time, due to the size of the power consumption and current of the appliances used by the battery cell between the connecting piece of material (conventional nickel, molding nickel, copper-nickel composite, cross piece, etc.) selection will affect the cost of the different connectors (such as plugs, from more than ten dollars to thousands of dollars are available) is also likely to have a greater impact on the cost of different PACK process will also affect the cost.


The factors affecting the price of 12V lithium batteries

1, electric core

Lithium battery according to the different cathode materials, there will be lithium manganese (3.6V), lithium cobalt (3.7V/3.8V), lithium nickel cobalt manganese (3.6V), lithium iron phosphate (3.2V), lithium titanate (2.3V/2.4V), and other materials system of the core, the core of the different materials system, its voltage platform, safety factor, number of cycling times, energy density ratio, operating temperature, etc. are different. So the price will be different.


Different brands of lithium batteries, the difference in price is also very obvious, mainly because the quality of each brand of battery cell (safety, consistency, stability, production process, etc.) is basically proportional to the price.

3, capacity

12V lithium batteries in the case of voltage determination, the higher the capacity, the higher the cost, the higher the price will be.

4, the quality of the protection board and circuit design

Good quality lithium batteries use high-quality electronic components and protection boards, as well as multiple protection circuit design, not only to improve the charging and discharging circuits, as well as constant temperature and voltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short-circuit, and other multiple designs, to create a safe use of the environment for you and your equipment, so the price will be affected by the impact of these two factors.