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Types and brands of cylindrical lithium battery cells

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery technology progress mainly comes from the key battery material innovation research and application progress, through the development of new materials to further improve battery performance, improve quality, reduce costs and improve safety. In order to meet the requirements of downstream applications for the improvement of battery specific energy, on the one hand, through the use of high specific capacity materials, on the other hand, can be improved by increasing the charging voltage, the use of high-voltage materials. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery from 14500 development to Tesla 21700 battery, in the near to medium-term development, in the optimization of the existing system of lithium-ion power battery technology to meet the needs of new energy vehicles scale development, at the same time, to the development of a new type of lithium-ion power battery as the focus, to improve its safety, consistency and life and other key technologies, and synchronize with the prospective research and development of a new system of power battery. For the medium- and long-term development of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, while continuing to optimize and improve the new lithium-ion power batteries, focus on research and development of the new system of power batteries, significantly improve the specific energy, significantly reduce the cost of the new system of power batteries to achieve the practical application of the new system of power batteries and large-scale application.


Cylindrical lithium-ion battery brands

Cylindrical lithium batteries are more popular in Japan, South Korea lithium battery companies, China also has a considerable scale of domestic enterprises to produce cylindrical lithium batteries. The earliest cylindrical Li-ion battery was invented by SONY in Japan in 1992.

Famous brands of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries: Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, Wanxiang A123, BAK, Lixin and so on.

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell types

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells are usually represented by five digits, counting from the left, the first two digits refer to the diameter of the battery, the third and fourth digits refer to the height of the battery, and the fifth digit indicates the round shape. Cylindrical lithium batteries have many models, the more common are 10400, 14500, 16340, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32650 and so on.

    ①10440 battery

    10440 battery is a diameter of 10mm, height of 44mm lithium batteries, and we often called "7 batteries" the same size, the capacity of this battery is generally very small, only a few hundred mAh, mainly used in mini electronic products. For example, flashlights, mini stereos, amplifiers and so on.


    ②14500 Battery

    14500 battery is a diameter of 14mm, height of 50mm lithium batteries, this battery is generally 3.7V or 3.2V, the nominal capacity is relatively small, a little larger than 10440 batteries, generally 1600mAh, discharge performance is superior, the most important areas of application of consumer electronics, such as wireless stereo, electric toys, digital cameras and so on.


    ③16340 Battery

    16340 battery is a kind of lithium battery with a diameter of 16mm and a height of 34mm, this kind of battery is a little shorter due to the height of the ruler, and the capacity is not very small, so it is often found in the strong light flashlight, LED flashlight, headlamp, laser light, lighting lamps and so on.


    ④18650 battery

    18650 battery is a diameter of 18mm, height of 65mm lithium batteries, its most important feature is that it has a very high energy density, almost 170 watt-hours / kg, so this battery is a better cost-effective batteries, we usually see most of the batteries are this kind of batteries, because it is more mature lithium batteries, the quality of all aspects of the system stability is better, and is widely used in 10 kilowatt-hour It is widely used in occasions of battery capacity around 10 kWh, such as in, in cell phones, laptop computers and other small appliances.


    ⑤21700 battery

    21700 battery is a diameter of 21mm, height of 70mm lithium batteries, because of its increased volume, space utilization becomes larger, the cell alone as well as the system energy density can be improved, its volume energy density is much higher than the 18650-type batteries, widely used in digital, electric cars, balance cars, solar energy lithium batteries street lamps, LED lamps, power tools and so on.


    ⑥ 26650 battery

    26650 battery is a diameter of 26mm, height of 65mm lithium batteries, nominal voltage 3.2V, nominal capacity of 3200mAh, this battery with excellent capacity and high consistency and other characteristics, has gradually become a replacement for the 18650 battery trend, in the power battery, many products will also gradually favored in this.


    ⑦ 32650 battery

    32650 battery is a kind of lithium battery with a diameter of 32mm and a height of 65mm, this kind of battery has a strong continuous discharge ability, so it is more suitable for electric toys, backup power, ups battery, wind power generation system, wind and solar complementary power generation system.