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longway 6fm7 12v7ah 20hr Battery Is what battery?

   longway 6fm7 12v7ah 20hr battery is a battery, characterized by long life, less self-discharge, easy maintenance and simple installation, usually used in some large and medium-sized UPS power supply and communication field, medical equipment field, security system, etc. The battery life is usually 6 to 10 years, the battery energy is high, the longway 6fm7 12v7ah 20hr battery uses a special plate with good corrosion resistance to ensure that the battery has a long floating life. At the same time, the use of special colloidal electroliquid increases the amount of acid in the battery, prevents the electrohydraulic stratification, and prevents the short-circuit of the plate branch crystal, thus ensuring the long service life of the battery. The colloidal battery is based on the valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery technology to achieve a long life, so its design life is relatively long.

longway battery application place :

    ●  Intelligent transportation communication control room;

    ●  Electric tools;

    ●  Electric toys;

    ●  Portable electronic devices;

    ●  Photographic equipment;

    ●  Solar and wind power generation systems;

    ●  Flood and earthquake early warning wireless broadcasting system;

    ●  UPS uninterruptible power supply;

    ●  Fire-fighting backup power supply;

    ●  Safety and security alarm system;

    ●  EPS emergency lighting system;

    ●  Post and telecommunications communications;

    ●  Electric power systems;

    ●  Electronic instrumentation;

longway 6fm7 12v7ah 20hr Battery

longway battery installation requirements reference:

    Charging current and voltage, the time must be implemented according to the manufacturer's regulations, and the battery should avoid overcharge and overdischarge.

     handling, installation, should avoid the battery is in use process, negative electrode short circuit.

     low before use check battery crack appearance, breakage, leakage phenomenon, should be timely find the reasons or be replaced when found.

    The battery should be installed away from the fire source, heat source (greater than 2M), must have good exhaust ventilation conditions, should ensure that the battery running ring mirror temperature at 15-25 degrees. The battery has a long service life.


Battery characteristics of reference:

        1, maintain high liquidity

           Liquid holding high electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator and remains in a non-flowing state, so it can be used even if it falls down. (fell more than 90 degrees can't use)


        2, small self-discharge

            using special lead calcium alloy production plate gate, Control the self-discharge in the safe place


        3, good restorative 

              deep discharge after excellent resilience, one thousand a discharge for a long time, as long as fully charged, can recover soon, There will be no capacity reduction.


        4, simple maintenance

            a gas charging battery internal basic be absorbed back into the electrolyte, Reduce electrolyte basically didn't


        5, safety performance is superior 

            as anode of charging error is caused when too much gas, can be released, to prevent the rupture of the battery.


        6, small internal resistance

           as small internal resistance, good large current discharge performance.

    Longway 6FM7 12V7AH The 20HR battery is a kind of colloidal battery with stable performance, long service life and easy maintenance, which is widely used in various fields and industries. In addition, the Longway 6FM7 12V7AH 20HR battery also has the advantages of low self-discharge, easy maintenance and simple installation. The use of a special lead grid limits the amount of self-discharge to a relatively small, can be preserved for a long time. Most of the oxygen generated inside the battery is absorbed and reduced into the electrolyte by the cathode plate, and there is basically no reduction in the electrolyte, so there is no need to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte and water refill as the general battery. At the same time, the battery can be installed and used vertically or sideways, without the problem of electrohydraulic leakage, and the battery will not produce acid fog during the normal charging process, so it can be installed in the office or supporting equipment room, without the need to build a special battery room.