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How much MA is the laptop charger?

    The milliampere (mAh) of a laptop power bank depends on a number of factors, including the laptop's battery capacity, charging speed requirements, and the conversion efficiency of the power bank. Therefore, choosing the milliamps of the charging bank suitable for the laptop is a problem that needs comprehensive consideration. First, we need to understand the battery capacity of the laptop. Different brands and models of laptop battery capacity vary, some may be thousands of mAh, some may reach tens of thousands of mah. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity of the laptop battery, the higher the milliamps required for the charging bank.

   , of course, charge speed is also chose bao bao ma several factors to consider. If we want the charging bank to be able to charge the laptop quickly, then we need to choose a charging bank with a higher milliamp. Because the higher the milliamps, the more current the charger can provide, thus speeding up the charging speed. In addition, the conversion efficiency of the charging bank is also an important consideration. Conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency with which the power bank converts electrical energy into laptop battery energy. If the conversion efficiency of the charging bank is low, then even if its milliamps are high, it may not be able to provide enough power for the notebook. Therefore, when choosing a charging bank, we also need to pay attention to its conversion efficiency to ensure that it can efficiently charge our notebooks.


    laptop charging treasure capacity because of the brand, model and design different, but generally speaking, A common laptop power bank has a capacity between 20,000 mAh and 30,000 mah.

    Please note that when selecting a charging bank, in addition to considering its capacity, you should also pay attention to its output power and charging interface type and other parameters, which will affect the charging effect and experience of the laptop. At the same time, the safety of the charging treasure is also very important, it is recommended to choose regular brands and reliable quality products. Also, because laptops have larger battery capacities, some may require additional adapters to charge more efficiently.

    so we choose suitable for notebook PC charging bao ma number is a problem of multiple factors should be considered. We need to make decisions based on factors such as the notebook's battery capacity, charging speed requirements, and the conversion efficiency of the charging bank. Specifically, for general laptops, a charging bank with a capacity between 10,000 and 20000mAh can usually meet basic charging needs. Such a power bank is not too bulky, but also can provide enough power for the laptop during short trips or daily use. However, if you need to use your laptop for a long time, or if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time, you may want to choose a higher capacity power bank.

    it is worth noting that the charge capacity of treasure is not the only factors determine its performance. Charging speed, safety, and durability are also factors to consider. Therefore, when choosing a charging bank, in addition to paying attention to the capacity, it is also necessary to check whether the charging protocol supports your notebook, whether there are security measures such as over-charge and over-discharge protection, and the user's evaluation of its durability. In short, choosing a power bank suitable for laptops needs to consider a number of factors, including battery capacity, charging speed, conversion efficiency and safety. Only in this way can we find a charging bank that meets the charging needs and is safe and reliable. Finally, it is recommended that consumers try to choose well-known brands and products with good reputation when purchasing power banks. At the same time, pay attention to the certification of the product, such as whether it has passed the relevant safety certification. In addition, user reviews and user experiences of the product can be viewed to get a more complete picture of the product's performance and quality. Please note that due to different laptop models and configurations, as well as personal habits and needs, the above is only general advice. In the actual purchase, consumers are advised to choose according to their specific circumstances.