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How many milliamps can a mobile power supply on an airplane carry on board?

    When discussing the milliamps of mobile power that can be carried on the aircraft, we first need to understand the relevant regulations of the civil aviation authorities of various countries for mobile power to be carried on the aircraft. These regulations are designed to ensure flight safety and prevent potential risks caused by problems with mobile power supplies.

    According to some regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, the rated energy of the charging bank carried by the passenger does not exceed 100Wh (watt-hour), without the approval of the airline, of course, this is only for reference, and it is necessary to ask the local civil aviation department how the standard is set; Usually the rated energy of more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh can be carried with the approval of the airline, but each passenger must not carry more than two charging banks. This means that if the mobile power supply is less than 20,00mah (milliampere hours), it can usually be carried directly on the plane. However, if the mobile power supply is between 20000mAh and 32000mAh, you need to communicate with the airline in advance and obtain approval.

    to carry mobile power needs to accord with some safety standards, such as the need to have clear manufacturer identification, security authentication marks, etc. At the same time, there may be a limit on the number of mobile power supplies carried by each passenger. Therefore, before preparing to carry a mobile power supply on the plane, it is recommended to check the specific regulations of the airline you are flying. According to the information learned from some unofficial channels, according to the regulations of the airline and the relevant regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the capacity of the mobile power supply that can be carried on the aircraft is usually within 10,000 MA, but the specific needs to consult the local civil aviation department, so if in doubt, you can also consult the specific airline or airport staff.


    so, why will have such restrictions on the size of the mobile power? This is mainly because mobile power uses lithium batteries, and lithium batteries may spontaneously ignite or explode under certain conditions. The aircraft may experience turbulence during flight, causing the mobile power supply to collide with other items, increasing the risk of spontaneous combustion. In addition, the larger the capacity of the mobile power supply, the greater its potential danger, so it needs to be strictly limited.

    in addition to the capacity limits, passenger plane on carry mobile power also note the following:

        1, mobile power supply must be portable, shall not be checked. This is because baggage may be squeezed or hit during the check-in process, increasing the possibility of damage or danger to the mobile power supply.

    2, the mobile power should be placed in the hand luggage or carry-on, and ensure that its appearance is not significantly damaged or deformed, and the interface, plug and other parts are intact. During the security check, the mobile power supply needs to be taken out separately for inspection.

        3, in the process of flight, passengers are not allowed to use mobile power for electronic devices, and turn the power off. This is to prevent safety issues arising from improper use during flight.


    at the same time, in order to ensure flight safety and smooth, Passengers should also pay attention to the specific regulations of the airline when carrying mobile power supplies. Different airlines may have different requirements and restrictions, so passengers are advised to understand and comply with the relevant regulations before travelling. Passengers should not carry more than 100Wh (20000mAh) of mobile power on board the aircraft, and if they exceed this limit, they need to communicate with the airline in advance and obtain approval. When carrying and using mobile power, passengers should strictly abide by relevant regulations to ensure flight safety. At the same time, with the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of civil aviation safety regulations, the provisions for mobile power carrying on the aircraft in the future may be further adjusted and optimized to adapt to new safety needs and technological development. But provide convenience and security for your trip. During the flight, we should always pay attention to safety, comply with relevant regulations, and jointly create a safe and harmonious flight environment.