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What is a 908dft battery?

   908DFT battery is a high performance power battery. It is widely used in a variety of power systems requiring high energy density and long cycle life. Including but not limited to power systems, anti-theft systems, medical equipment, Marine systems, telephone and communication equipment, various test machinery, radio transceivers, banking system uninterruptible power supply, railway locomotives, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, large UPS and computer backup power supply, fire protection system and security system uninterruptible power supply. This kind of battery is not only used in the civilian field, but also has a wide range of applications in industrial fields such as factories and mines, diesel engine start-up, automobiles, and even plays an important role in highly specialized fields such as nuclear power plants and scientific research institutions.

    908 DFT battery has many significant characteristics and advantages. First of all, it adopts a maintenance-free design, which provides great convenience for users. Secondly, this battery has a safety board anti-vibration and full-frame grid design, which can effectively ensure the stability and safety of the battery, while transmitting all available starting power to the terminal to ensure the continuity and stability of the power supply. In addition, the 908DFT battery also has a high energy density and excellent cycle life, which can meet the long-term, high-intensity use needs of various application scenarios.


scope of application:

      Power systems, electronic instruments and other equipment power supply, LED lights, medical equipment, Marine systems, telephone and communication equipment, various test machinery, radio transceivers, anti-theft systems, railway communications, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, large UPS and computer backup power supply, fire protection systems and security systems uninterruptible power supply, banking systems Discontinuous power supply, railway locomotive, railway locomotive, etc.

    in practical applications, the 908 DFT battery performance also is very good. Whether in communication base stations, data centers and other places that need long-term stable power supply, or in ships, cars and other mobile equipment, it can provide stable and reliable power support. At the same time, due to its long cycle life and low maintenance costs, this battery also saves a lot of operating costs for enterprises and users. In addition, the 908DFT battery has a high safety performance. It adopts multiple safety protection measures, including over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit and other protection mechanisms, which can effectively prevent safety accidents during the use of the battery. This high safety performance enables the 908DFT battery to operate stably in a variety of complex and harsh environments, providing users with reliable power protection.

about battery storage:

        1, please in the low temperature drying, well-ventilated place.

    2. If the battery packaging is accidentally wet during storage or transfer, the packaging carton should be removed immediately to prevent the wet carton from becoming a conductor and causing battery discharge or burning.

        when 3, keeping the temperature not to exceed 20 ℃ ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ C

        4, storage battery must make the battery in charging status Fuck. Due to the loss of part of the capacity due to self-discharge during transportation or storage period, please supplement the electricity when using.

        5, long-term preservation, to make up for safekeeping during the self-discharge, please supplement.

        6, under the condition of more than 40 c custody, had a very bad effect on battery life.

    as a whole, 908 DFT cell is a kind of excellent performance, widely used high performance power battery. It not only has excellent energy density and cycle life, but also has extremely high safety and stability. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous expansion of the market, 908DFT batteries will be applied in more fields, providing more convenient, efficient and safe power support for people's life and work. However, detailed information about the 908DFT battery, such as the specific production process, material composition, performance parameters, etc., may vary by brand and manufacturer. Therefore, when choosing and using 908DFT batteries, it is recommended that users make comprehensive considerations according to actual needs and application scenarios, and choose manufacturers and suppliers with good reputation and quality services.