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Why did you choose a 48v telecom power supply and where is it typically used?

Communications power supplies are part of a communications power system common communications network infrastructure, but also communications network key infrastructure, 48 telecom power supply is a 48v telecom power supply equipment, providing to 48 volts of power output power supply. Historically, early communications networks such as telephone networks were primarily powered by telecommunication bureaus, and 48 volts was chosen as the communications power standard of the time, primarily to maximize the distance from the user to the end office under the prevailing conditions. 36 volts was a safe voltage, and 48 volts was chosen to maximize the voltage to meet communications needs while maintaining a certain level of safety. This standard has been carried over to the present day, partly for compatibility with earlier equipment, and partly to keep costs down.

In terms of reliability, 48 volts is relatively safe. Although it is slightly higher than the safe voltage of 36 volts, in practice, this voltage value provides enough power while maintaining a high level of safety. And on top of that, grounding the positive terminal of the power system at 48 volts reduces corrosion of the positive battery terminal, thus extending the life of the power system. In addition, the lower the voltage, the lower the power consumption of the components, which is of positive significance for reducing energy consumption and improving energy utilization efficiency.

The design of 48v telecom power supplies is based on a specific industry standard that has been derived from a long history of practice and development in the telecommunications industry. Historically, as alternating current (AC) devices became more common, telephone networks began to face increasing interference problems. To address these problems, DC power supplies were introduced, and 48-volt DC was proposed and widely adopted as the standard solution. This specification was later formally adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the standard voltage for DC power supply of communication equipment. Usually the application areas of 48v telecom power supply are mainly widely used in various scenarios that require stable power supply.

48v telecom power supply use scenarios:

1, communication base station and network equipment:

Such as routers, switches, etc., these devices need stable and reliable power supply to ensure data transmission and normal operation of communication.

Communication base station and network equipment is an indispensable and important part of modern communication technology. Communication base stations, or public mobile communication base stations, are a form of radio station. They transmit information between them and cell phone terminals through a certain radio coverage area to ensure that users can maintain a signal connection at any time and any place during the mobile process to meet the needs of calls, sending and receiving information, and so on. The main function of the base station is to provide wireless coverage and realize wireless signal transmission between wired communication network and wireless terminal, which is the core infrastructure of mobile communication network.

And network equipment is used to interconnect various servers, PCs, application terminals, and other nodes to form a specialized hardware equipment for information and communication networks. They include switches, routers, firewalls, etc., which are not only responsible for data transmission and exchange, but also ensure the security and stability of the network. These devices play a vital role at all levels of LAN, MAN, WAN and so on. In short, communication base stations and network equipment together form the cornerstone of modern communication systems, providing people with efficient and convenient communication services.

2, industrial equipment and automation systems:

Such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), industrial controllers and so on, which play an important role in the field of industrial automation, and the 48v telecom power supply can provide reliable power support for them. power support.

Industrial equipment and automation systems are an important part of modern industrial production. Industrial equipment, such as various types of machine tools and production lines, are the main tools for realizing production goals, and they are responsible for performing various tasks such as process handling, production metering, and testing of individual products. The efficient operation of these equipments is the key to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. The automation system, on the other hand, is to automate the operation, monitoring and control processes that originally need to be carried out manually by means of computers, sensors, actuators and other technical means. It can work according to pre-set rules and procedures, reduce the error rate of manual operation, improve work efficiency, thus helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase product quality. The combination of industrial equipment and automation systems enables modern industrial production to run efficiently and stably, providing a strong impetus for industrial development. For more information, you can refer to related books or consult with industrial professionals.

3, medical equipment:

Medical equipment needs a stable and reliable power supply to ensure its normal operation, and 48v telecom power supply can satisfy this demand. Medical equipment power is the power consumed by various medical equipment used in hospitals and other medical facilities during operation. These devices include operating tables, monitors, and ventilators in operating rooms, as well as imaging equipment, medical elevators, passenger elevators, network rooms, air-conditioning units, and other large-scale equipment, all of which require a stable and reliable power supply to ensure their normal operation.

Electricity for medical equipment is not only related to the normal work of medical equipment, but also directly related to the safety of patients and the quality of medical care. Therefore, the reliability, continuity and safety of electricity for medical equipment are of paramount importance. In order to ensure the stability and safety of medical equipment power consumption, medical institutions usually adopt a dedicated power supply system and are equipped with a backup power supply in case the main power supply fails. Power consumption is also monitored and analyzed in real time to optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Electricity for medical equipment is an indispensable part of the operation of medical institutions, and its stability and safety are of great significance in safeguarding the safety of patients' lives and improving the quality of medical care.

4. Data center:

In large data centers, 48-volt power supplies can be used for servers, storage devices, and so on to provide efficient power management. Data center power refers to the power consumed by the data center during operation. With the acceleration of digital transformation and the rapid development of information technology, the power consumption of data centers, as a key infrastructure for information processing, computing and storage, is climbing. The power demand of data centers mainly stems from their complex hardware devices and systems, including servers, storage devices, network devices, etc., which require continuous power supply to keep the data centers running normally.

In order to ensure the stable operation of data centers and to cope with unexpected situations, data centers are usually equipped with backup power supplies and power generators, which also increase their power demand. However, the high energy consumption of data centers has also attracted widespread attention. Therefore, improving energy use efficiency and adopting energy-saving technologies and green energy have become an important direction for data center development. By optimizing the equipment configuration, improving the cooling system, and utilizing renewable energy, the energy consumption of data centers can be effectively reduced to achieve sustainable development.


And in addition to that, 48-volt communication power supply is also widely used in renewable energy systems, such as solar energy and wind energy systems, which are used to rectify and convert the electricity generated by the solar panels or the wind turbine in order to provide power for homes, offices, etc. 48-volt power supply for communication is a DC power supply designed for communication equipment and systems with an operating voltage of 48 volts. It plays a vital role in modern communication networks, providing stable and reliable power support for all kinds of communication equipment.

From a technical point of view, a 48v telecom power supply system consists of several key parts, including a rectifier module, a battery pack, and a monitoring unit. The rectifier module is responsible for converting AC power into stable DC power to provide the required power for communication equipment. The battery pack is used as a backup power source, which can be automatically switched when the utility power is interrupted to ensure the continuous power supply of communication equipment. The monitoring unit is responsible for real-time monitoring of the operating status of the power supply system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power supply.48Volt communication power supply also has a variety of advantages, which adopts the high-frequency switching power supply technology with high efficiency and energy-saving features. At the same time, its modular design makes the power supply system highly reliable and expandable. In addition, the 48-volt communication power supply has rich protection functions, such as over-voltage, over-current and under-voltage protection, which can effectively protect the communication equipment and the power supply system itself.

Overall, 48v telecom power supply is an indispensable and important part of the modern communication network, which, with its stable and reliable performance, provides powerful power protection for communication equipment and systems to ensure the normal operation of the communication network. The selection of 48v telecom power supply takes into account both historical inheritance and equipment compatibility, as well as safety and energy efficiency, making it widely used in many fields.