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lithium automotive battery charging precautions

    New energy trolley cars for the car lithium battery is very key is also very important as the same auto parts, automotive lithium battery as an electric new energy car is as important as the energy, there is no lithium battery, then the car has lost power can not be driven. So for the car lithium battery, specifically in the charging time what is the need to pay extra attention to it, and the car lithium battery charging length and times, frequency and the car lithium battery life what is the relationship? Today we will talk about this issue.

The charging of lithium car batteries is a process that needs to be treated with care, and it is related to the service life and safety of the battery. When charging lithium automotive batteries, in order to ensure safety and battery performance, need to pay attention to the following points:

    1, the use of adaptable chargers: must be used with the battery model Use the appropriate charger: You must use the charger that matches the battery model to prevent the battery from being wasted or dangerous due to the model mismatch. At the same time, the output plug of the charger should be inserted into the battery charging socket correspondingly, and observe the indicator light for charging judgment.

    2, pay attention to the charging environment: charging, the battery and charger should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, to avoid humidity or high temperature environment. Do not charge under sunlight or temperature over 40 ℃ environment, because high temperature will make the battery capacity decline. The ideal ambient temperature for charging is 25°C.

    3, grasp the charging time: battery power used up about 70% when charging, the best battery performance. Avoid charging only after the power is too low tip, but also do not charge frequently, so as not to cause damage to the battery. If the electric car driving process found that the power is too low, should be charged as soon as possible in time.

    4, pay attention to the charging time: charging time should be based on the battery capacity and charger power to determine, avoid charging time is too long. When the charger indicator turns green, generally another 1-2 hours to stop charging.

    5, with the use of charging: lithium battery packs should try to implement with the use of charging strategy, to avoid the battery each time the undervoltage after charging, so that you can prolong battery life.

    6, long-term non-use of the treatment: If the electric car is not in use for a long time, the battery should be disconnected from the vehicle and the whole car, and regularly give the battery to replenish some of the battery, to prevent the battery self-discharge.

    7, charging safety: charging, make sure that the charging cable and the vehicle is tightly connected, do not place clutter or flammable items near the charging pile. At the same time, avoid abusing the charging plug to prevent shortening of battery life or spontaneous combustion.

     Following the above precautions can ensure the safe and efficient charging of lithium automotive battery, prolonging the service life of the batteries while improving the usability of electric vehicles. So the preparation of lithium automotive battery before charging is crucial. We should make sure that the model of the charger matches the model of the automotive lithium battery, avoiding the use of unsuitable chargers, so as not to damage the battery or cause safety hazards. At the same time, check whether the charging environment is dry and ventilated, avoid charging in humid or high temperature environment, which helps to protect the battery and prolong its service life. During the charging process, we should grasp the correct timing of charging. Generally speaking, it is ideal to start charging when the battery power is about 70% left. Avoid charging when the battery power is too low or too high, which can reduce the loss of the battery and improve the efficiency of battery use. At the same time, we should always pay attention to the indicator light of the charger to determine the charging status. When the charger indicator turns green, it usually means that the battery is full, at this time you should stop charging in time to avoid overcharging damage to the battery.

     Charging of lithium automotive battery is a process that requires care and patience. We should follow the correct charging principles and methods to ensure the safe and efficient charging of the battery, so as to extend the service life of the battery and improve the performance of the electric vehicle. In particular, charging as you go is an important principle of lithium battery charging. Frequent charging and discharging will affect the life of the battery, so we should try to keep the battery charge in a moderate range to avoid the battery being in a state of deficit for a long time. At the same time, long-term non-use of electric vehicles, the battery should be regularly replenished to prevent battery self-discharge. Finally, charging safety is a part we cannot ignore. During the charging process, we should ensure the safety of charging lines and connectors to avoid poor contact or short circuit and other situations. At the same time, we should regularly check the appearance of the battery and the connectors, and deal with any abnormalities promptly.


     Therefore, theoretically, the more times you charge the battery, the shorter the battery's life. However, the number of times a lithium automotive battery is charged and its life is not a simple linear relationship. In practice, the life of the battery is also affected by a variety of other factors, including the quality of the battery, the use of the environment, such as, high temperature environment, non-standardized charging methods, battery aging, etc. may lead to shorten the battery life.

     The capacity decay of the battery is also an important factor affecting the life. When the battery capacity on an electric vehicle decays to less than 80% of its initial capacity, the range of the electric vehicle will be significantly reduced. When the battery capacity decays below 70%, the battery must be replaced.

Overall, in order to extend the service life of lithium automotive battery, it is recommended that the following measures be taken:

    1. Select high-quality, reputable battery products with good brand names.

    2. Use the batteries in appropriate environmental conditions, avoiding harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity.

    3. Use standardized charging methods and avoid overcharging or discharging.

    4. Check and maintain the battery regularly to find and solve problems in time.

     It should be noted that although the service life of lithium automotive battery is limited, its service life can be prolonged through reasonable use and maintenance. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology, the future performance and life of lithium batteries is also expected to be further improved. There is a close relationship between the number of charge times and the life of lithium automotive battery. The life of the battery mainly depends on the number of its charge/discharge cycles, and each charge/discharge cycle will cause a certain amount of wear and tear on the battery.