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YUCEL Battery Y2.3-12 12V2.3AH Access control fire control host accessories

for a long time discharge characteristic

is suitable for backup and storage power use.

Special plate design, long cycle life.

Special lead-calcium alloy formulation enhances the corrosion resistance of the grid and extends the battery life.

Dedicated partitions enhance the internal performance of the battery.

Large heat capacity, reduces the risk of thermal runaway, is not easy to dry, can be used in harsh environments.

High gas recombination efficiency.

Water loss rarely no electrolyte stratification phenomenon

Long storage period.

Good deep discharge recovery performance.

The vaped silicon has a small particle size and a large specific surface area.

Self-discharge rate is very low, suitable for a wide temperature range

The use of valve-controlled safety valve, safe and reliable.

1, long life

The grid is made of lead alloy with rare earth metal, which increases the life of the general lead-calcium-tin grid battery by 25%; The reinforcement of positive grid bars improves the corrosion resistance compared with the traditional design.

2, green environmental protection

Layer sealing technology to eliminate battery acid leakage, climbing acid phenomenon, effectively prevent acid fog corrosion of equipment and environment.

3, high reliability

The use of advanced assembly process combined with rigorous quality management system, improve the seismic performance of the battery, effectively avoid the battery welding and false welding and failure caused by vibration in transportation and use, the battery internal resistance homogeneity is high, Greatly improve the uneven phenomenon of multiple batteries used in parallel.

4, the internal resistance is small

The diaphragm with special microfiber is added to improve the reaction contact surface of the positive and negative plates, so that the internal resistance of the battery is greatly reduced, and the phenomenon that the internal resistance is not increased due to the decrease of the fatigue resistance of the diaphragm is improved during use. The assembly pressure of 50-60kps is adopted. After the effective improvement of acid injection, the polar group pressure is reduced, which leads to the abnormal increase of the internal sunlight in the battery during use.

5, self-discharge small

The use of pure sulfuric acid electrolyte analysis, reasonable configuration of special additives, effectively reduce the battery self-discharge rate

6, high safety

imported rubber made of efficient safety valve, Durable action effectiveness, anti-aging, anti-corrosion effectively ensure the safety of the internal pressure of the product during use. Battery installation position requirements

                1, battery should be away from the heat source and easy to generate sparks, the safety distance should be greater than 0.5 meters.

                2, the battery should avoid direct sunlight, can not be placed in a closed container, can not be placed in the radioactive, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, organic solvent gas and corrosive gas environment

                3, the battery room should have frequent lighting and accident lighting, and its lighting appliances should be arranged above the aisle.

                4, the battery room ground should have sufficient carrying capacity, when the battery is arranged on the floor should provide load requirements for civil design. The battery should be arranged in a separate battery room with enough space around the battery pack for ventilation and battery maintenance.


                It is essentially a decentralized database and has five characteristics :1) it is coded; 2) The law is tampered with; 3) Have a consensus mechanism; 4) Verifiable; 5) Information can be saved. People tend to think of bitcoin when they hear it, but there are many potential uses for the technology. The technology is being used to store anything that requires secure and verifiable records that can be accessed in a decentralized way.

                Anything that needs or can take advantage of a distributed ledger can benefit. In view of the advantages of its YUCL battery Y2.3-1212V2.3AH access control fire host accessories, it will be more widely adopted in 2019, which will also have an impact on data centers that use distributed ledger.