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What is an Agm sealed lead-acid battery?

AGM sealed lead-acid battery is a type of valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery with glass fiber separator (AGM), also known as VRLA battery. This battery uses pure sulfuric acid aqueous solution as the electrolyte, and most of the electrolyte is adsorbed in the glass filament wool separator (AGM), only a very small amount of electrolyte exists at the bottom of the battery, the thickness of the plate is thicker, so compared with ordinary batteries, AGM batteries have longer service life, higher capacity reliability and stronger low temperature reliability. In addition, the acidic solution of the AGM battery is 100% sealed, so there is no gas discharge during work, and the damage to the natural environment is small, and the hidden danger of battery explosion in the event of an accident is also small.


usually AGM battery life for 4 to 6 years, from the perspective of market to use to observe, AGM battery is sealed battery, no maintenance; Therefore, there is no need to continuously check the health of the battery; This is the advantage of AGM batteries and lead-acid batteries. In addition, the AGM battery is spill-proof, because the absorption of the glass fiber will absorb sulfuric acid, preventing the battery from spilling and ensuring better performance of the battery. In addition, this battery is not easily affected by environmental conditions such as heat and cold. They also charge up to five times faster than lead-acid batteries, making them more popular in agm versus lead-acid batteries. However, from the disadvantage point of view, in solving the problem of Agm sealed lead-acid batteries and lead-acid batteries, agm batteries are very sensitive to overcharge. This is because the battery is completely sealed, and when overcharged, the heat generated has no way to escape. In addition, the electrolyte content is used up, and since it is irreplaceable, the battery is packaged. However, submerged lead-acid batteries are not sealed, allowing for heat dissipation; Liquid contents can also be replaced. They are better able to withstand overcharging.

The service life of AGM batteries is generally about 4 to 6 years, which has a longer life compared with ordinary batteries. At the same time, the charging limit of the AGM battery is 14.5 volts, so it is necessary to select the AGM special charger when selecting the charger. AGM batteries are usually used in European and American cars, while Japanese cars mainly use EFB batteries. Compared with the same specification battery, Agm sealed lead-acid battery price is relatively high, but the cycle charging capacity is higher than lead-calcium battery, has a longer service life, more reliable in low temperature performance, and at the same time, In the whole service life cycle has higher capacitance stability

market observation and prospect:

AGM sealed lead-acid batteries are used in a wide range of scenarios, mainly including uninterruptible power supplies, electronic energy systems, emergency backup power supplies, emergency lights, railway signals, aviation signals, security systems, electronic equipment and equipment, communication system power supplies, DC power supplies and automatic control systems. In addition, AGM batteries are also widely used in the automotive industry, especially in European and American models.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rise of new energy markets, the market demand for AGM sealed lead-acid batteries is also increasing. On the one hand, with the increasing attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, the traditional lead-acid battery industry is developing in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction, AGM sealed lead-acid battery as a new type of lead-acid battery, with higher energy density, longer cycle life and better safety, so it has been widely concerned and applied. On the other hand, with the continuous expansion of the new energy market, especially the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, the demand for AGM sealed lead-acid batteries as energy storage solutions is also increasing. In addition, with the popularization and application of 5G, Internet of things and other technologies, the market demand in data centers, telecommunications equipment and other fields is also increasing, which also provides a broader market space for AGM sealed lead-acid batteries.

AGM sealed lead-acid batteries have a wide range of use scenarios, and the market demand is increasing, and there is still great potential for development in the future. At the same time, with the strengthening of environmental regulations and the intensification of market competition, AGM sealed lead-acid battery enterprises need to continuously improve product quality, reduce costs and expand new application areas to adapt to market changes and needs. In general, the AGM sealed lead-acid battery is a kind of excellent performance, long service life, safe and reliable battery, which is widely used in automobiles, UPS power supplies, telecommunications equipment, data centers and other fields.