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6FM4 5 battery - a leader in commercial vehicles
Today, we are going to introduce a battery that has attracted much attention in the field of commercial vehicles - the 6FM4 5 battery. Produced by well-known battery manufacturers in China, this battery has won market recognition for its excellent performance, reliable quality and wide range of applications. Next, we will give you an in-depth look at the 6FM4 5 battery from five aspects: introduction, performance characteristics, application areas, advantages and purchase guide.


one, introduction to

6 fm4 5 battery is suitable for a commercial vehicle's high performance, high voltage, large capacity, long cycle life, etc. The battery adopts advanced lithium-ion technology, has high safety performance and stability, and is widely used in electric buses, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles and other fields.

Performance characteristics

                1. High voltage: The voltage of the 6FM4 5 battery is 3.7V, which is higher than the traditional battery, and can meet the requirements of high power load.

                2. Large capacity: The capacity of the battery can reach 5Ah, which is higher than the lead-acid battery of the same volume.

                3. Long cycle life: The 6FM4 5 battery has a high cycle life of more than 500 times, which reduces the frequency of battery replacement.

                4. Lightweight: Lithium battery has a low density, 6FM4 5 battery light weight, easy to carry and install.

                5. Safety performance: Lithium batteries use special materials and processes, with low self-discharge rate and high safety performance, and are not prone to explosion, fire and other accidents during use.

                6. Environmental protection: Lithium battery can be recycled, friendly to the environment.

Field of application

                1. Electric bus: 6FM4 5 battery can be applied to electric bus to provide stable DC power supply for the vehicle.

                2. Logistics vehicle: The battery can be applied to logistics vehicles to ensure the normal operation of logistics equipment.

                3. Sanitation vehicle: 6FM4 5 battery can provide power for sanitation vehicles, such as garbage compression vehicles, sweeping vehicles, etc.

                4. Power field: Lithium batteries can be used in the emergency backup power supply and temporary power supply of the power system.

                5. Transportation: Lithium batteries can provide power for traffic lights, subways, buses and other vehicles.

Four advantages

                1. High efficiency: Lithium battery has a high energy density, the same volume, can store more energy.

                2. Environmental protection: Lithium batteries can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution.

                3. Lightweight: Light weight, easy to carry and install.

                4. Long life: has a high cycle life, reduce the frequency of battery replacement.

                5. Safety performance: Using special materials and processes, it is not easy to have safety accidents during use.

5. Purchasing Guide

                1. Brand: Choose a well-known brand to ensure the quality and after-sales service of the battery.

                2. Capacity: Select the appropriate battery capacity according to the actual requirements.

                3. Voltage: Check whether the battery voltage meets the device requirements.

                4. Cycle life: Understand the cycle life of the battery and choose products with long life.

                5. Safety: Pay attention to the safety performance of the battery, such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and other protective measures.

In summary, the 6FM4 5 battery is a leader in the commercial vehicle sector with its outstanding performance, reliable quality and wide range of applications. I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can have a deeper understanding of the 6FM4 5 battery. In the coming days, we will continue to pay attention to the development of the new energy field, to bring you more interesting and practical content.